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  • Haight Ashbury Street Fair


The Los Angeles Times Travel News section (May 14, 2017) named the 2017 Haight-Ashbury Street Fair (HASF) as one of the top "Summer of Love" event in San Francisco. The LA Times produced a list of SOL related events in San Francisco & our independently produced event made one of the top billings! Click here to read the article.


Preparations for the 2017 Haight-Ashbury Street Fair are in the works.  HASF is planning to host the annual street fair on Sunday, June 11, 2017, from 11 am to 5:30 pm.  HASF will be celebrating its 40th anniversary.  This year also marks the 50th anniversary of "The Summer of Love".  This 40/50 milestone is sure to draw a lot of attention to the cultural and historical contributions that were developed The Haight and went on to influence a generation.  Stay tune for updates.


Sponsorship opportunities are available for businesses & individuals that want to support free public events. The Haight-Ashbury Street Fair (HASF) will be celebrating its 40th anniversary this year & we want your support. For more information, click here.

A ROCK N ROLL FUNDRAISER...(for the 40TH Haight-Ashbury St. Fair!!)
8th Annual Haight-Ashbury Street Fair / Battle of the Bands 2017

(415) 575-3636
Lennon Studios

Doors @ 8:00 / show @ 8:30
$7.00 - $10.00 sliding scale ALL AGES are welcome.
(All proceeds go towards putting on our annual community event)

Check out the band line-up here!

There will be no alcohol sold at this fundraiser.

A haight ashbury street fair production
visit our on-line store for some cool merchandise :)

Hosted by MC / DJ ACE of Reality Check TV & Ace's Space Radio ~ Filming by Reality Check TV

Battles on FRIDAY Nights
#1 - March 31
#2 - April 14
#3 - April 28
#4 - May 5
#5 - May 12

(4 Bands performing each night / 1 winner each night)

FINAL BATTLE Fri, May 26th (Two bands will win and play this year's 40th HASF on Sunday June 11th)

Keep in mind, this is a Band competition AND FUNDRAISER for HASF. We want each act to turn out as many of their friends and fans as possible! HOW TO WIN? Simple! Get the biggest, best crowd response! There are NO JUDGES; only monitors who will gauge the crowd's response. 1 Winner will be chosen at the end of each night. So, get your people out to the shows, and get them to cheer loud and proud, while hopefully winning over some of the other people there as well. A second, and final "clap count" will happen at the end of the night, so KEEP YOUR CROWD IN THE VENUE UNTIL THE END!! You will be gauged by both "clap counts" )one after the band performs, and another at the end) to become the winner, so, again, hold your fans inside till the end.....If you are pro, well-rehearsed, and have presented your best material in the most energetic way possible, you can earn one of 2 open slots on the 2017 edition of the Fair, on Sunday June 11th!

NOTE: If 2 bands are close, we'll do another comparison, again asking the crowd to make the determination. If it's too close to call, we'll look at other factors, like how many people came to the show for your band, and how well the band conducted themselves. In the end, everyone wins, because this helps us to pay the enormous costs of putting on the Fair each year, which is FREE of charge to the public!

For any and all information please contact:
Michael Xavier
President, HASF
415.368 - 4745

2017 HASF Vendor Application

HASF is now accepting vendor applications from merchandise vendors, marketing agencies, non-profit organizations and individuals wishing to participate in the 40th Annual Haight-Ashbury Street Fair. Please click here to download a copy of the 2017 HASF Vendor's Application.


The official 2017 Haight-Ashbury Street Fair Poster is now available for purchase at $20.00 each. The reverent homage to the Summer of Love by poster artist Shane Edward Grogg has been praised by many as a true Haight-Ashbury classic. Click here to place an order.


(Note: All items purchased from outside of the U.S.A. are subject to all prevailing international shipping fees by the U.S. Postal Service.)






The official 2014 HASF Poster is now on sale via PayPal. The poster was designed by Shane Grogg who is a five-time winner of the annual HASF Poster Contest. Shane will be on hand on the day of the street fair to autograph his poster at the HASF Store Booth (near the corner of Haight&Ashbury). click here to order your poster and other HASF merchandise.









A special "The Tubes at Haight Street Fair" poster is on sale now in the HASF Store.  

The 12" x 16" poster was designed by Prarie Prince, drummer of The Tubes, exclusively for HASF and only 300 were printed.  Proceeds from the poster sales will help pay for this year's event.  Click here to order your limited printing of "The Tubes at Haight Street Fair" poster.

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  • The Tubes HASF Show 2012
  • Posters & Cards
  • Posters & Cards
  • Haight-Ashbury Street Fair's official
    HASF posters and cards are available. Begin your collection with the 2005 — 2009 series. Click here for details.

  • Pablo Blotter Art
  • Pablo Blotter Art
  • Blotter Art memorializing Pablo Heising and celebrating HASF's 30th anniversary on sale. Quantities are limited. Click here for details.

  • HASF 40th Anniversary Pin
  • HASF 40th Anniversary Pin
  • Celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Haight-Ashbury Street Fair with the official HASF souvenir pin. Click here to place an order.

Featured Vendor: Jyarz

Visit Jyarz at


HASF's Mission

The Haight-Ashbury Street Fair is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the cultural and historical significance of this district by sponsoring the annual community celebration and in supporting community programs that incorporate the neighborhood’s spirit of diversity, cooperation and humanism.

Since 1978, we have produced the annual, one-day street fair that allows the community to celebrate the cultural contributions this district has made to San Francisco. This festival provides the neighborhood with the opportunity to showcase the variety of mercantile, cultural and community services available in this district. By creating a festival atmosphere, the street fair creates a stage for many artisans, musicians, artists and performers to present their work to the public. And, as a community service, HASF enables many non-profit organizations a chance to conduct outreach campaigns.

Our activities are not limited to a one-day festival. We also sponsor other community events such as the annual Halloween Hootenanny that provides a safe environment for the children of the neighborhood to celebrate the spirit of Halloween. We hope to promote and create many more programs and events that help serve the cultural needs of the Haight-Ashbury and anyone else that want to join in on the fun.